most likely to use facebook as a diary

billie holiday is a miracle. she can fix anything.
does anyone know how to correctly dispose old batteries?
because i put mine in the trash and i feel like a shitty environmentalist
white sunglasses are sacrilegious
unpolished nails are wildly disappointing
and instant gratification is too easy these days
it’s almost a turn off
like douche bags who brag about eating pussy

firefighters are underrated
Sarah Bareilles is underrated
intention is underrated
ghosts of confederate soldiers are probably annoyed because they’re underrated
there’s too much to like in this world
and there’s too much that i haven’t had the chance to like in this world

i really like the women who publicly talk about all the men between their legs
it’s past the borderline of inappropriate
but it’s always done with enough conviction that i find it admirable

the next time someone calls me a whore
i’m going to¬†ask for a fucking certificate of achievement
and have custom made lace thongs
that say “courage lives here”