The Final Plea

Written By: Raymond Lee & Michelle Park

Let me through, my curiosity is getting the best of me.
Let me see past your facade.
You’re banging at the door, impatiently waiting for fresh air.
Let me set you free.

I am only stray light, a mercurial manufactured halo.
Let me be the grip to twist a key, a finger to pull a trigger.

Let me be the strength that pulls your breathes in and out.
Let me be the ruby jewels racing through the veins of your heart.

We are just sweeping fabrics seen beyond hallway corners.
For once, let us be whole figures, mannequins in movement clad in unbinding ropes.

Let me be your gilded eyes as you become my rosy lips.
Let us waltz around the golden rays
As the whirl wind of chaos carries us into a beautiful pit of ecstasy.